GTA VI News – Here’s a Why a Female Lead Makes So Much Sense

Grand Theft Auto IV or GTA IV for short is rumored to arrive in either 2020 or 2021. The reason why Rockstar Games and Take-Two are taking so long to create the game is because they are waiting for Microsoft and Sony to release their next-generation consoles. There isn’t that much that GTA VI can bring to players in terms graphics updates as long as Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are still the most popular gaming consoles in the world.

Another reason why Rockstar Games and Take-Two are not rushing to release GTA VI is because GTA V which is the latest installation in the game franchise has raised the stakes by being the first game to introduce more than one protagonists. GTA games usually feature only one main character, but now, things have changed.

Multiple Main Characters

Considering how successful GTA V has been with its three main characters being one of the game’s top features, we think it’s safe to say that Rockstar Games and Take-Two are going to do the same with GTA VI as well. However, fans of the game should get ready for a big surprise when GTA VI will be announced because it will be the first game in the franchise to feature a female lead.

Female Lead

All GTA games have featured male leads but this is going to change when GTA VI comes out. Rockstar Games has received lots of flack for the way it represents women in its games and this is one of the main reasons why GTA VI will feature a badass female lead. Not only that, but gamers aren’t all men and having an optional female lead is going to attract more women to GTA VI which will result in bigger profits for Rockstar Games.

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