Pokemon Go’s Raid Battle Brings Palkia, Niantic Announces Via An In-Game Notification

Pokemon Go’s next legendary to catch will be Palkia, according to the official announcement coming from Niantic.

There was an in-game notification saying that the fourth-generation monster would appear in Raid Battles starting January 29.

This means that the monster is already live and it will be like this throughout February.

Polygon revealed that the “water/dragon-type Pokémon will continue to be available in Raid Battles until 1 p.m. PST on Feb. 28.”

They continued and detailed that “The exclusive legendary Pokémon from Pokémon Pearl, which makes up half of the fourth-generation pair of games, is the latest legendary to make its Pokémon Go debut. Dialga, the legendary star of counterpart Pokémon Diamond, has yet to appear.”

Diamond and Pearl are set where Palkia drops

Both Diamond and Pearl are set in the Sinnoh area where Palkia drops in the alternate dimension that it lives in.

Where Palkia can manipulate the spatial dimensions, Dialga can control times, says Polygon.

The new version of Psyduck added to Pokemon Go

The Safari Zone event took place in South America, and it resulted in the fact that a higher number of spawns of Psyduck appeared in the game.

Other than the Shiny Psyduck, players also got to see its evolution Golduck into Pokemon Go for the very first time.

Even though at the beginning, the increased spawn rates of Psyduck were meant to be experienced only during the Safari Zone event, in the areas where this took place, players were able to encounter the Pokemon much more often across the globe.

It has also been reported that Trainers were sometimes occasionally stumbling upon the Water-type’s Shiny iteration. The creature flaunts a blue color, instead of the usual yellow one.

Another recent exciting news is an announcement from Niantic saying that the next Community Day will happen on the 16th of February and it will feature Swinub.

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