The Elder Scrolls: 6 – Skyrim is Over, What’s Next?

Even though Bethesda is doing its best not to release any information about the upcoming Elder Scrolls title, this isn’t stopping fans of the franchise from crafting theories about what’s going to happen next. The Elder Scrolls franchise has been around for a while now and there are thousands of dedicated players who have studied the game’s lore. Therefore, they are the ones who have a pretty good idea of what is going to happen next in The Elder Scrolls: 6.

With that said, we have looked in every The Elder Scrolls: 6 forum in search for popular fan theories about what’s going to happen after Skyrim, the last installment in the game franchise. Although, we have to warn everyone to take it all with the necessary grain of salt since Bethesda can always go a different route than what fans are expecting.

Skyrim is Over, What’s Next?

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim is the latest installment in the gaming franchise and it’s also the most popular game that Bethesda has ever made. Skyrim is so popular that Bethesda has kept on porting it to different consoles and systems during this past couple of years.

Nonetheless, the most reoccurring fan theory when it comes to what’s going to happen after Skyrim is that the action of The Elder Scrolls: 6 will pick up right where Skyrim left off. This means that the Aldmeri might win the war which shouldn’t come as a surprise when considering how the state of the war and the Empire was left when Skyrim ended.

Just imagine how much fun it would be if the Empire loses the war and the Imperials are the ones who win. This is going to open the doors for some rather interesting quests in The Elder Scrolls: 6 and players will need to pick a side.

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