Clash of Clans: Here are the Best Strategy Tips and Tricks

Everyone who has played Clash of Clans knows that this game is more complex than it might seem at a first glance. Clash of Clans is equipped with lots of cool features and in-game mechanics that make the combat fun and hard to get boring of. Even though it’s been seven years since Clash of Clans was released, the game is still going strong to this day and the reason behind this is that players can always come up with new strategies that will help them get better and defeat their enemies. In fact, today we want to teach new players a couple of strategy tips and tricks that will help them improve their game and base layout.

Clash of Clans: Strategy Tips and Tricks

  • Save Gems!

The first tip that we have for new players is to save all the gems that they get for free by simply playing the game. These gems are really powerful and it’s always better to save them for a rainy day instead of using them right from the moment that you get them so that you can speed up upgrades.

  • Village Layout

The best thing that all Clash of Clans players can do right when they start the game is to try and imagine the best layout for their village and start building towards it. The more complex and confusing the layout is, the harder enemies will find it to pass through the walls.

  • Protect your Gold and Elixir

Another fun tip is to place the storages which contain valuable items (gold, elixir and dark elixir) in the middle of the village so that that they are harder to reach.

  • How to Gather Resources

Raiding enemy villages is the fastest way to gather resources. However, this isn’t always possible and the second best way is to build as many gold mines, dark elixir drills and elixir pumps as you can right from the start of the game.

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