GTA VI – Top Five Features That Players Want

Even though Rockstar Games is doing its best to keep any news related to GTA VI away from the media’s eyes, we do know that the highly anticipated game is going to arrive somewhere in 2020 at the same time that Sony and Microsoft will launch their next-gen consoles. Although, there is something else that we know about GTA VI and that is the features that players are hoping the game will offer. We have scoured the internet in search for the top five most asked for features in GTA VI and today we are going to present them so that everyone can get an idea of how the world’s most anticipated game is going to be like.

GTA VI – Top Five Features

  • Vehicles

The first feature on our list shouldn’t come as a surprise since GTA stands for “Grand Theft Auto”. The feature that all GTA fans are asking for in the next game is more vehicles. GTA V offered a wide range of vehicles, but GTA VI is expected to top that in 2020.

  • Customizable Characters

Hands down, the coolest feature that Rockstar Games could and should introduce to GTA VI is the ability to customize the main character. GTA fans have been asking for this feature for a long time and since GTA V was the first game to introduce multiple protagonists, the only way that GTA VI can do better is by offering customization options.

  • Destroy Everything!

There isn’t that much that Rockstar Games can bring to GTA VI in terms of graphics in order to make it better than GTA V. However, Rockstar Games can make GTA VI’s world feel more immersive and look way better by making the environment destructible.

  • Hand-to-Hand Combat

If there’s something that GTA V lacked then it has to be hand-to-hand combat. Simply throwing punch after punch is not enough and fans of the franchise are hoping that GTA VI will feature better hand-to-hand combat, especially for the online mode.

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