Fortnite Mobile Tips & Tricks – How to Get That Victory Royale That You Always Wanted!

Has it been a long while since you got your latest Victory Royale in Fortnite Mobile? Even though playing Fortnite on PC is not that complicated, it’s an entirely different story on mobile and we’re not talking about only about aiming. The most difficult part about playing Fortnite Mobile is the fact that you need to build faster than usual and do it with a touchscreen instead of a mouse and keyboard. Nonetheless, today we are going to show you a couple of tips and tricks for Fortnite Mobile that will help you get better in no time.

Fortnite Mobile – Tips & Tricks

  • Changing the Sensitivity

As we previously mentioned, one of the trickiest parts about playing Fortnite Mobile is having to use the touchscreen instead of a mouse and keyboard. What many players don’t know about Fortnite Mobile is that the game gives them the option to tweak out the sensitivity of the touchscreen to make aiming a bit easier.

  • Watch Twitch Streams

This might not sound like such an important tip but watching elite players on Twitch is the first step towards improving your game. What better way to learn new strategies and where to drop other than examining how the top players player do it? The best thing about this is that all top players show off their secrets during live streams.

  • Stay Together!

Fortnite Mobile is the most fun when you play it with your friends! However, the biggest mistake that players who get together in Squad mode make is that they separate from their teammates while looking for loot. This is a big “no no” and we advise all Fortnite Mobile players to do their best and stick together with their teammates. This will scare away incoming enemies and you will always have someone watching your back.

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