Minecraft: Pocket Edition – How to Get Better at the Survival Mode

Even though we have been playing Minecraft: Pocket Edition since 2011, the survival mode of this game is so well optimized that we learn new things about it every single day. There aren’t that many games which give players a chance to express their creativity by building things to keep them safe from monsters and this makes Minecraft: Pocket Edition special. Nonetheless, today we are going to lay out a couple of vital tips and tricks for the survival mode of the game so that new players can understand what they need to do in order to survive longer.

  • First Night Hideout

Minecraft: Pocket Edition is renowned for the incredible buildings that players create in the game, but this doesn’t mean that those buildings are built right from the first day. In fact, we advise all players who decide to give the survival mode a chance to only create a small hideout for their first night in the game and to not complicate themselves with complex houses.

  • Table and Toolkit

The first thing that Minecraft: Pocket Edition players need to do when starting a new playthrough in the survival mode is to build their table and basic toolkit. These two are the most essential and useful things that players can have at the start of the game.

  • Stone is the Next Step

Right after building the first set of basic items such as an oven, shovel or pickaxe, the next step is to go searching for stone. The reason why we are saying this is because stone is durable but easy to find, and it can be used to create a more enhanced version of all the basic items.

  • Learn the Monsters

The best way to stop being the prey and to become the hunter is to learn all the skills that the monsters in Minecraft: Pocket Edition have. Since the game has been around since 2011, there are lots of detailed guides on how to trap or defeat all monsters in Minecraft: Pocket Edition.

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