GTA 6 – What to Expect Next?

Even though GTA V launched back in 2013, it’s still one of the best games ever made and the online version of the game is still going strong to this day. The GTA franchise has a large fanbase and therefore, Rockstar Games would be crazy to not start working on GTA VI now that Red Dead Redemption 2 is out.

For those didn’t know this, Red Dead Redemption 2 was the reason why Rockstar Games decided to postpone developing GTA VI. Rockstar Games didn’t want to be known as a “one trick pony” and this is why it decided to focus on Red Dead Redemption 2. Nonetheless, today we are going try and give an answer to the question what’s next for GTA VI?

Female Protagonist

The first thing that we want to cover is the protagonist of GTA VI. The most reoccurring and reliable rumor when it comes to GTA VI is that the game will feature a female protagonist. GTA V featured three main characters and therefore, Rockstar Games definitely has enough room to introduce a fourth one who is female, especially since females represent a large part of the gamer community and Rockstar Games might want to make GTA VI more appealing for them.

Multiple Cities

One of the things that all GTA games have in common is that they all take place in the US. Take for example GTA V which featured a replica of Los Angeles. However, Rockstar Games is expected to take things to the next level with GTA VI and give players the option to venture into multiple countries. However, the biggest quest hub is still going to be located in a city from the US that Rockstar Games is going to create an exact replica of.

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