Around 3,100 Android Devices, Released In 2018 With Support For Google Play Store

The latest reports claim that 2018 saw the launch of about 3,100 Android devices with Google Play Certification.

There are also a few interesting subgroups that showed some of the significant trends of 2018.

For instance, the Android tablet market which has been dumped by a lot of OEMs, is still trying to breathe some fresh air with 664 new devices that have been added to the catalog.

It’s interesting to know that Samsung is one important OEM which is still releasing Android tablets and these included the Galaxy Tab S4 which comes with the Galaxy Note-style S-pen.

More statistics from 2018 

Here are some more interesting statistics from 2018 noticed by XDA-developers:

  • Only 22 of the3,100 devices added to Google Play’s certification list in 2018 were powered by the Snapdragon 845.
  • Including televisions, Xiaomi released 20 new, certified Android devices, led by its Mi 8 flagship.
  • Huawei launched 31 new devices, led by its P20 and Mate 20 flagships.
  • As mentioned above, Samsung released 53 devices led by its Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 9 flagships.
  • 41 devices have official builds of Android Pie certified by Google.
  • 121 devices have more than 4GB RAM.

Issues, fixes and the latest update of Google Play Store 

Google Play Store has been in the spotlight for quite a while with all kinds of problems, fixes, and updates as well.

The most common issues are the ones related to troubleshooting, glitches, and frozen apps, problems with third-party applications and more.

It’s also important to note that Google is always improving the Android operating system through APK updates.

Google released a new APK update for Play Store a couple of days ago. The update comes with the 13.0.22 build number, and it improves the overall software stability of the Play Store through bug fixes.

Android fans who want to get the new APK update will be granted access to various bug fixes that improve Play Store’s performances.

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