The Google Play Store Gets A New Update (Improved Performances)

Even though Google launches a new operating system every year, there are some features and services that never go away. The perfect example of this is the Play Store which has been a staple of the Android operating system for the last decade. Every Android likes Play Store because this is the place where they can get all the apps, services and games that they love to use every single day. Therefore, Google makes sure to keep improving the Play Store every month instead of changing it every year like it does with all its other apps and services.

Always Improving

If there’s something that all Android fans can agree on, then it has to be the fact that Google is always improving the Android operating system through APK updates. If this is the first time that you are hearing about APK updates, then the only thing that you need to know is that the APK format stands for “Android Package Kit” and that instead of being rolled out OTA (over the air), these updates need to be manually downloaded.

Google Play Store 13.0.22 APK

Now that we presented what APK updates, let’s go over the latest update for Play Store. Android fans should be pleased to know that Google has released a new APK update for Play Store a couple of days ago. The update sports the 13.0.22 build number and it improves the overall software stability of the Play Store through bug fixes.

Important Bug Fixes

Since Play Store is more of a service and platform instead of a native app, Google likes to focus on improving its performances through bug fixes and software tweaks instead of new features. Therefore, Android fans who are planning to get the new APK update are going to receive access to lots of bug fixes that improve Play Store’s performances.

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