How To Activate WhatsApp Dark Mode in Chat

WhatsApp Dark mode

The impending WhatsApp dark mode feature has got users excited as they finally won’t have to endure eye strain from the bright screen as they use the messaging app.

WhatsApp will be next in line among several apps to receive dark mode, which is still in testing but there’s a lot of progress thus far as we covered previously.

More than a billion users of the app connect with their contacts across the globe through the free social messaging app, so the upcoming unilluminated interface will be a plus for them.

This aesthetic upgrade will see users’ WhatsApp chat, statuses, and calls having a dark background, if not black, thus reducing the eye-sore experience as they use the app.

Developers of operating systems and apps across the world agree that the potential for eye strain is increased without dark mode. Therefore, by inverting the colors of the screens, they’ll be helping millions of people avoid such experiences.

Last year, WABetaInfo announced that WhatsApp was contemplating the introduction of its own dark mode, and had already started working on it.

In an attempt to gain insight on upcoming features for different beta and alpha versions of various software and apps, WABetaInfo revealed that WhatsApp’s dark mode “is a dream”.

So far, WABetaInfo has shared several screenshots from the developing dark mode in WhatsApp, with chats, statuses, and calls having the latest updates.

However, until WhatsApp releases their official dark theme, you can create a dark mode effect on your own chats to mimic the impending feature while you wait.

To make WhatsApp darker on your phone and reduce eye strain, here’s what to do:

  • Open WhatsApp on your device
  • Tap the three buttons on the top right-hand side corner of the screen
  • Now tap Settings
  • Select Chats

WhatsApp Dark mode

  • Tap Wallpaper

WhatsApp Dark mode

  • Now tap Solid Colors. You’ll get an array of colors to choose from including black, grey, dark red, dark green, and many others.

WhatsApp Dark mode

  • Now tap on the dark color you’d like

WhatsApp Dark mode

  • Tap Set to apply it to the Chats screen

If you like, you can choose a customized dark picture to be your background in the Chats screen by choosing it from Photos or Gallery option in the Chat Wallpaper section.

Were you able to get your own dark mode on the Chat screen? Share with us in a comment below.

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