WhatsApp Dark Mode Latest Beta 2.19.139 Progress Update [Screenshots]

Need WhatsApp Dark Mode for your chats?

Dark Mode is all the rage right now, what with so many apps from Gmail to Brave browser, and others introducing the feature in their latest updates.

You’ll be surprised to know that dark mode first came on the scene back in the early 90s when Apple’s System 7 OS had a darker alternative for its screens. Later on, Windows 95 came with a High Contrast toggle that effectively did the same thing.

About a decade later in 2001, Windows XP featured multiple high-contrast themes with the option to change the user interface colors.

And just recently, a few years back, Dark Mode is a popular trend and option for most users with YouTube and macOS among those already providing the feature.

The Latest on WhatsApp Dark Mode Feature

Popular social messaging app, WhatsApp, is also working on its own, dubbed Night Mode, which seeks to prevent users’ eyes from the tiring effects of the white screen, especially at daytime.

If you’re a lover of dark modes, whether that’s on YouTube, Facebook, or any other app you like, you’ll probably want to add WhatsApp on your list of favorite apps with the feature.

In its latest beta APK, WhatsApp triggered the new dark mode, which isn’t available in the app yet, so you cannot find it in settings. However, it’s a feature that’s worth the wait once it’s properly implemented.

As of now, the settings, which were revamped recently probably to prep for compatibility for dark or light color schemes, now have dark mode treatment.

However, WhatsApp dark mode uses a very dark grey, and not black as you’d expect, making it OLED-friendly and easy on the eyes.

A few screenshots from WABetaInfo depict the WhatsApp Night Mode. However, it is still unclear if this current one evolved from the earlier discovered dark mode, or it’ll be triggered at night.

The Chats, Calls, and Status tabs screenshots show a strange teal-green color on a few icons, on a dark blue-gray background.

Image: WABetaInfo

As to how soon this night mode feature will be implemented, we don’t know, but we’re in for a wait before then. Otherwise, they may be late to the party seeing as other apps like Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Android Messages and Viber already have dark themes.

Similarly, Samsung’s One UI is quickly rolling out across devices globally, and users may just want every other app to fall in line.

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