Snapchat Update Is Out – What’s New?

Snapchat is a fun and entertaining social media app, and it’s always innovative. This is one of the reasons for which it became so popular in the Android and iOS communities.

You can always find something new and exciting to have fun within the app, just think about the latest gender-swap filter that everyone’s crazy about.

You may recall that we addressed this popularity issue, and we revealed Snapchat’s plan to stay ahead of other similar social media apps.

An innovative strategy to compete with rival apps

Snapchat has a new approach that would help it compete with Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Snapchat’s plan is the following: the app will let other apps integrate the best parts of it instead of building their not so good copies.

Apps would not have to reinvent Stories, Bitmoji, and ads, but instead, they will be able to reuse the original ones.

Snapchat Update

Another way in which the app manages to maintain its popularity is via various updates and improvements, along with new features.

The latest update for Snapchat is currently being rolled out via OTA channels. This is definitely a high priority release, and we recommend all users to download the update as soon as possible in order to be able to enjoy all the goodies that it brings.

Bug fixes and software improvements

This latest update for Snapchat is not bringing any new features this time nor new camera lenses. Instead, it’s focused on enhancing the app’s quality.

The update makes up for the lack of new features by bringing various software tweaks and bug fixes that are focused on improving the overall performance of the application.

The bug fixes will take care of all the known issues, making sure that the software stability of your favorite app is close to flawless.

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