Snapchat Has A New Strategy To Compete Against Instagram, WhatsApp, And Facebook

Snapchat was recently in the spotlight when we mentioned the fact that its latest update – Snapchat Update – has been released in the form of an APK.

This means that it can only be installed on Android smartphones.

Snapchat vs. Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp 

TechCrunch reveals that Snapchat might have found a brand new way to compete against its rivals. So, Mark Zuckerberg’s army of clones, you’d better brace yourselves.

Snapchat has tried to take the high road against Facebook, and Eva Spiegel said: “Our values are hard to copy”.

But this approached has allowed Zuckerberg to accrue over 1 billion daily Stories users across Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook compared to Snapchat’s 186 million total daily users.

This obviously did not work, and now Snapchat comes up with something else.

It rearranges the saying “if you can’t beat them, join them” into “to beat them, join us,” as Tech Crunch just reported.

“As a unified front, Snap’s partners get the infrastructure they need to focus on what differentiates them, while Snapchat gains the reach and entrenchment necessary to whether the war,” the online publication writes.

Embedding the best parts of Snapchat

Snapchat’s plan is the following: the app will let other apps integrate the best parts of it instead of building their not so good copies.

TechCrunch revealed that a Snap executive talked to the magazine and said that apps would not have to reinvent Stories, Bitmoji, and ads, but instead they will be able to reuse the original ones.

“If it’s going to invent these products, and others want something similar, it’s smarter to enable and partly control the Snapchatification than to try to ignore it. Otherwise, Facebook might be the one to platform-tize what Snap inspired everyone to want,” TechCrunch writes.

We recommend that you head over to their original article to find out more about Snapchat’s latest strategy.

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