Snapchat Android Update: The App Is Now Faster, Less Buggy, And Works Better With More Devices

After a lot of months of work, Snapchat revealed that the popular social application would start to roll out a new version of its Android app.

This was all in an effort to squash bugs, get faster and enhance compatibility, 9to5Google reports.

Less buggy and much faster Snapchat experience on Android 

It seems that this improvement has been in the works since back in 2018 in order to try and bring the Android version of Snapchat up to par with the iOS one.

Just right after installing the app from the Google Play Store users should see a less buggy and much faster overall experience.

The online publication reports that Android Authority sat down with the team at Snapchat in an interview in order to explain this radical change.

It looks like Snapchat did not know about the issues that the Android app was having, but after they became aware of them, it became obvious that some changes needed to be made.

It’s important to note that from now on, Snapchat will be using a much wider variety of devices to test its app.

The developers further say that their “ideal goal was that people shouldn’t really notice that the app is actually entirely changed up from underneath them except everything should be way faster.”

With the help of these changes, Snapchat will get aligned with its iOS counterpart in terms of features and performance.

Snapchat has a new strategy to compete with rivals 

We recently reported that Snapchat also has a new strategy that would help it compete with Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Snapchat’s plan is the following: the app will let other apps integrate the best parts of it instead of building their not so good copies.

Apps would not have to reinvent Stories, Bitmoji, and ads, but instead, they will be able to reuse the original ones.

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