Google Play Store Update Will Improve BlackBerry’s Virtual QWERTY

Owners of BlackBerry running on Android are getting some really good news. The company just dropped an update for the BlackBerry Keyboard app that can be found in Google Play Store.

Phonearena reveals that this update has been spotted by CrackBerry and it brings some pretty neat new feature to the phone’s virtual QWERTY keyboard. On the other hand, it’s also important to note that it removes some features as well.

Even users who primarily use the physical QWERTY on the Priv, KEYOne, KEY2 or KEY2 LE, might still want to install the update.

New features included in the app

The new features included in the app are really interesting at first glance. For instance, there’s one which shows on the space bar the current language that’s being used on the keyboard.

This will only appear if you have set up more than one languages fo the virtual keyboard on the BlackBerry phone.

If you long press the settings icon above the keyboard, this will allow you to access the keyboard settings menu.

Maybe the most important result of installing this update involves enhanced word predictions.

But Phonearena writes that even if this sounds really exciting, it also comes at a high cost.

“Installing the update will clear all of the words that your phone has learned up to this point, and will prevent you from setting up a third language for the multi-language keyboard feature; it also gets rid of the restricted word list,” they write.

Latest Google Play Store update

Speaking of updates and Google Play Store we recently addressed what’s new in the latest Google Play Update.

Google is always improving the performances of its software, apps, and games by releasing weekly APK updates and the latest one is changing Google Play Store’s build number to 14.7.50. You can find out more about it in our previous article.

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