Google Play Store 14.7.50 Update Introduces Improvements for Software Reliability

Everyone who uses an Android powered smartphone will agree with us when we say that the Google Play Store is one of the most important components of the Android operating system. The reason why we are so confident in this is because the Google Play Store is the place where everyone goes to whenever they want to download a new app or mobile game.

While the biggest advantage that using the Google Play Store brings to the table is the millions of apps that it features, there is also something else that makes this service premium. We are talking about the constant stream of updates that the Android parent releases for the Google Play Store and in fact, a brand-new one has arrived today.

Google Play Store Update

If there is one thing that everyone knows about Google, then it has to be the fact that Google’s motto is “another day, another update”. Google is always improving the performances of its software, apps and games by releasing weekly APK updates and the latest one is changing Google Play Store’s build number to 14.7.50.

As previously noted, the latest update for the Google Play Store comes in the form of APK. This is a special update format and it stands for “Android Package Kit”. What makes this update format special is the fact that eager Android fans can download this kind of updates weeks ahead of everyone else by manually installing them on their smartphones.

Improvements for Reliability

Nonetheless, the new Google Play Store 14.7.50 APK focuses on improving the overall performances of the app library and it does this by introducing a handful of bug fixes. These bug fixes take care of various issues and therefore, they enhance the overall software stability of the Google Play Store.

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