New iPhone Improved Feature, Leaked By The UK Government

Apple has been quite reticent in opening up parts of the iPhone hardware to developers, but it seems that one area looks ready to be set free, writes Forbes in a recent article, addressing an iPhone leak.

Latest iPhone leak about a feature 

This happened due to some details which have been discussed by the UK Government.

The famous online publication continues to write that speaking about the mobile app that has been developed for the Home Office in order to register foreign nationals in the UK as part of preparations for the controversial leaving of the UK from the EU, Home Secretary Sajid Javid stated that the iOS app would be finally available by the end of 2019, as reported by the NFC World.

“The EU Exit: ID Document Check app remotely checks a resident’s identity by verifying the chip in their passport or identity card, scanning their details and adding the information to their application. Face recognition is used to verify their identity and check that the document belongs to the applicant,” Home Secretary Sajid Javid stated.

The continue and say “I’m also pleased to confirm that Apple will make the identity document check app available on their devices by the end of the year.”

Forbes also notes that when this app was first launched, the feature was available on Android but Apple’s developer restrictions triggered the impossibility for third-party developers to use the iPhone’s NFC circuitry to perform the very same task.

The app only launched on Android 

In other words, the app only launched for Android.

Forbes notes that for Javid to be able to make the statement above Apple must have changed the rules involving NFC access.

This is not a unique feature for the UK government that’s for sure, and this means that developers can get ready to roll out the NFC functionality from Android apps to the iOS-powered iPhone.

Our iPhones could soon be used in various real-world use cases such as opening hotel rooms, faster Bluetooth pairing and more.

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