Apple Reveals New Massive iPhone Upgrade By Accident

Apple was recently in the spotlight with a subject related to foldable phones.

These could be the next big thing in the history of phones, considering all the hype that’s around these mobile devices.

It was reported that Apple could join the gang and create its very own foldable iPhone.

BGR notes that back in February, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak said that he wants Apple to hop in the foldable wagon as well.

Apple accidentally reveals an iPhone upgrade

Now, Forbes’ Gordon Kelly is back with more Apple-related news. It seems that Apple could be evolving with a polarizing iPhone redesign and some tech upgrades.

The company just revealed by accident a new iPhone upgrade that has been awaited by a lot of users for quite a while, according to Forbes.

It seems that 9to5Mac has discovered some brand new imagery on Apple’s Australian website which is showing the company’s exciting and long-overdue AirPower wireless charging system.

This is a new tech that will allow iPhones to charge faster compared to any other third party wireless charger.

This info seems to have been hidden in the Apple Australia’s AirPods under the reference <figure class=image-wireless-airpower>.

The new AirPower image shows both an iPhone XS and AirPods wireless charging case charging at the same time on the mat.

It’s also reported that the mat can wirelessly charge the Apple Watch, but the iPad and iPod touch ranges have to include wireless charging support.

The AirPower is a much-awaited upgrade 

Anyway, it’s no doubt that the arrival of AirPower is the most important news for iPhone owners, as Kelly puts it.

Apple had initially revealed the AirPower alongside the iPhone X back in 2017. Forbes says that the new image that’s been discovered is an update.

Apple will be holding the Showtime event on March 25, and maybe then the AirPower will be finally launched.

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