Last-Minute Update – Brawl Stars Maintenance: Buffing Gene and Fixing Bugs

9:41, March 1 Update: The game is now playable, but some users reported that they get stuck in the ‘connecting to server’ screen. The Brawl Stars team hasn’t announcend yet anything about it, but as soon as they do, we’ll keep you posted here.

So you’ve just tried connecting to the game and it’s not working? That’s because the game is under maintenance and it’s been like this for the past hour. Here were the latest announcements from the Brawl Stars team, according to Digital Overload:

Maintenance inbound! We’re squashing a couple bugs and adjusting the price for Mortis’ skin to be 59 Gems for a limited time. In addition, Gene’s Magic Hand will now grab Turrets and Healing stations!

Hey Brawlers, we’ve got a bug involving the Night Witch Mortis Shop offer. We’ve had to temporarily remove the skin from the shop. It will return at 59 Gems soon!

As soon as they introduced Night Witch Mortis, something wicked came our way and the skin had to be removed from the shop until they fix it. Do not worry, (or rejoice?) Mortis is coming back in his Witchy costume as soon as the bug is fixed for only 59 gems for a limited time.

The good news is that Gene is getting buffed!

You will be able to grab turrets and healing stations with his Magic Hand!

Yes, Brawl Stars is aware it’s a buff and their only comment on this matter came with a funny GIF:

Check back here for the latest server update – and learn when you can back to Brawling and grabbing turrets!

If you haven’t paid attention to the latest updates – buffs and nerfs to these Brawlers, check our article HERE – it’s mandatory if you want to know if your favorite Brawler got buffed or nerfed! Also, did you try the new game mode Siege? If you don’t know about it, here’s the latest news on the new game mode and the new Super Rare Brawler CARL!

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