iPhones Have A Severe Innovation Issue, Apple Warns

Back in January, Forbes recently reported that Apple would suffer the most prominent quarterly revenue fall in a decade.

Apple has been getting ready to find success somewhere else than the iPhone as well.

But now, Forbes’ Gordon Kelly is back with news regarding some brand new severe issues which are hitting Apple’s smartphones.

iPhone sales suffer the worst decay 

The author reveals that the analyst Gartner has announced that iPhone sales for the 2018 holiday period have experienced their worst decline in over three years.

They stated that Apple sold 64M iPhones which means nine million down on Q4 2017.

It seems that the tech giant also fell from 17.9% to 15.8% in a global market share while at the same time the Chinese rivals climbed.we’re referring to Huawei which leaped from 10.8% to 14.8%.

Forbes’ article notes that Gartner warned Apple it is not only being hit by “compelling high-price and midprice smartphone alternatives from Chinese vendors” but loyal buyers who are “delaying upgrades as they wait for more innovative smartphones.”

It seems that innovation is the key theme. The Fast Company illustrates Gartner’s point of view with the publication of its popular annual rankings for the world’s most innovative companies. It looks like Apple slipped from the very first place to the 17th.

Danger comes from Qualcomm as well 

More than that, there’s even present danger coming from Qualcomm.

Qualcomm spoke to Reuters and said that they are pursuing a ban on iPhone sales in the US, due to patent infringements.

A few days ago, they won a sales injunction on both the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 8 in Germany, and this means that the move has a precedent.

Apple agreed to ship these models with Qualcomm hardware.

“Apple said that it would need six months to verify that the fix will satisfy regulators and to sell its existing [infringing] inventory,” reports Reuters.

The continue and say that “Apple asked the full commission to delay any possible import ban by that long if the commission reverses the judge’s decisions.”

You can read more about the subject in Forbes’ original article.

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