Apple Is Reportedly Facing A “Code Red” Situation In China – New Price Cuts Are On Their Way For iPhones

Forbes brings some worrying news. Apple’s new iPhone plans have already been exposed, but it seems that those designs are not coming soon enough.

After Apple cut the prices, there’s new data that warns the phones have more problems.

The scale of iPhone issues has been addressed, and a leaked report to investors is now revealing another round pr price cuts might be just around the corner, according to Forbes. In other words, users who are planning to upgrade should be cautious.

“TSMC is the company which inadvertently drops the piano on Apple. The company is the sole supplier of A-Series chips used in all iPhones and the partnership with Apple dominates its earnings,” Forbes writes.

Apple is facing a code red situation in China due to cheap competitors 

They continue and explain that “Consequently, the company’s forecast that it will suffer the biggest quarterly revenue fall in a decade due to “a sudden drop in sales of high-end smartphones” could not be clearer.”

9to5Mac obtained a report, and in it, Wedbush which is a respected LA financial services and investment company told its clients that Apple is expected to make even more important price cuts on the iPhone XR over the upcoming months.

Wedbush also said that the tech giant is facing a code red situation in China with lower-priced competition coming from all directions.

This means that new iPhone price cuts are on the way. If you are planning to upgrade to a new model of iPhone especially if you plan on getting an iPhone XR, it seems that it’s worth having a bit of patience because you could definitely end up saving some serious cash.

A new design of iPhone 11 leaked 

The rumored iPhone 11 will probably be featuring a triple-camera lens oriented horizontally, together with a flash surrounding the camera module.

Based on the latest leaked image, the upcoming smartphone might also get a smaller notch. Find out more about the leaked image here.

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