Apple Shifts Its Priorities To AI, Smart Homes, Self Driving Cars And More As iPhone Sales Keep Dropping

Back in January, Forbes recently reported that Apple would suffer the most prominent quarterly revenue fall in a decade.

It’s been reported more times earlier this month that Apple has lowered its revenue guidance for the Q1 2019 fiscal year by up to $9 billion.

Now, it looks like iPhone sales keep dropping and Apple is reportedly thinking about other sectors in the business that can be successful.

CNBC presents an overview of the most important recent shifts of the tech giant as it seems that Apple gets ready to find success somewhere else than iPhone.

Subscription services

It seems that Apple plans to launch a bunch of new subscription services this spring.

“Apple plans to offer subscriptions to streaming services from networks like Starz, CBS and Showtime through its built-in TV app on iPhones, iPads and the Apple TV. Apple will take a cut of each subscription, but a few top streaming services like Netflix and Hulu will not be involved,” CNBC notes.

Artificial Intelligence

It’s pretty clear that even if the tech giant was the first one to launch a digital assistant, Siri, back in 2011, their efforts have failed these days compared to the ones of the company’s main competitors.

As you probably know by now, Siri has been criticized for failing to answer questions that Google and Amazon’s Alexa are able to answer.

During the past few months, Apple reorganized its AI and machine learning division under John Giannandrea.

Smart Home

Apple also has some AI plans for a smart home in which the home appliances will be controlled via voice or smartphone apps.

The tech giant has been falling behind rivals such as Google and Amazon in the niche, and they want to make a strong comeback.

Amazon and Google are currently dominating the gateway to the smart home, and Apple wants to make a comeback in this area as well.

Self-driving cars

“Apple’s self-driving car project, Project Titan, is one of the biggest open secrets in the tech industry. Although the company has yet to release a product related to self-driving cars, CEO Tim Cook said in a Bloomberg interview in 2017 that it’s the “mother of all AI projects,” CNBC notes.

Other areas in which Apple plans to excel are health and retail, but we recommend you head over to CNBC to read their whole detailed article.

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