Brawl Stars Maintenance Break: Minor Bug Being Fixed

Update: Maintenance Break Over – relog into game to play!

Remember last weekend’s massive bug which made Gene crash the game? The Brawl Stars team worked an entire day to fix it and let players get back to Brawling for the weekend. They also had to compensate everyone who opened their Big Boxes not knowing that Gene was not activated at all in the game at that time.

Maintenance Break: Rico’s Popcorn Skin Doesn’t Show the Sale Offer Properly

After the mess from last Friday, we have a new bug which is not breaking the game, but made the team issue a maintenance break which has been going on for the past five hours:

Quick maintenance break! We should be back to Brawl shortly – Twitter

The bug was revealed by many users on Reddit, asking about the new Rico skin which appeared to be only 109 Gems, and it said it was on offer – but no normal price was shown:

Niqqeronthedge:    Is he on special like the new skins usually are or is 109 gems his final price?

Brawlstars:    Yes he is! Minor bug causing the normal price to not display. Once the offer ends he will be priced at 150 Gems

The maintenance is still on, and we’re watching the Brawl Stars team announcing when the game should go live. We will immediately update this article, so refresh this page from time to time to see if there’s news about the maintenance.

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