Brawl Stars Bug Crashes Game, Brawler Disabled and Players Are Furious – Updated

Here’s the latest update from Brawl Stars on Reddit:

Today we planned to release Gene, unfortunately a bug caused by code used internally to test Gene’s new Super mechanic caused some devices to crash in the live version. We immediately deactivated Gene and addressed the issue – we were quite literally sitting on a ticking bomb and it is surprising that this only came up now.

We are preparing a new update, and our goal is to get Gene into your hands for this weekend. At the same time we are looking into how many of you were affected by this inconvenience and will compensate you automatically. You will not have to contact our Player Support team to resolve this issue.

Apologies from the team for this mess and sorry for the inconvenience!

Brawl Stars will also get a brief maintenance until the team temporarily removes Gene and fixes some issues that were introduced with the new Brawler.

The Super that Crashed the Game

Everyone was waiting for the new Mythic Brawler, Gene. About three hours ago, Gene was rolled to the game. Then, on the Brawl Stars subReddit, players began complaining about the game crashing:

As a response, the Brawl Stars team began investigating the issue, keeping players posted on Reddit, on their Blog, and also on Twitter:

Very sorry for this! We’re investigating right now and will give more info as soon as we figure out what’s happening.

Gene Crashed the Game

It looked like Gene’s Super was actually crashing the game, wrote a little later Brawl Stars on Twitter, announcing players that they will deactivate Gene until they fix the bug:

Hey Brawlers, unfortunately we’ve discovered a critical bug in Gene’s super. We’ll need to disable Gene until we can fix this issue. Very sorry for the delay in Gene’s release and we’ll update you as soon as we have more information.

However, players are fuming, as they hadn’t seen the news when Gene got disabled. Players reported on Twitter and Reddit that they began opening tens of boxes that they have been gathering for the past months and didn’t get Gene:

As for those that were lucky to have unlocked Gene before he was disabled, Brawl Stars made it clear that Gene will appear in their list once they reenable him after the fix.

Meanwhile, everyone hopes to be compensated for the opened boxes. So far, the Brawl Stars team hasn’t yet said anything about Gene not dropping (or dropping) from the boxes while it is deactivated from the game.

Check back here for more updates on this issue, and stop opening boxes until we learn about the Gene drop from Brawl Stars!

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