Brawl Stars Team Urges Players Not to Open Boxes If They’re Looking for Gene – Update 1:00 PM ET

Great news, Brawlers!

According to the latest updates from the Brawl Stars Community manager Rlight, players are eligible for compensation only if they opened boxes during a specific period:


Gene is BACK! We have just released an iOS update solving the issue. Our apologies for the inconvenience and compensation will arrive for affected players within the next 24 hours.

Now we just have to wait for the compensation.

Waiting for Gene…

In our previous article on Gene being deactivated from Brawl Stars, we talked about the bug that crashed the game and what players have faced in the hours after encountering these issues.

The latest announcement from Brawl Stars came a few hours ago, when the team announced that they will prepare an update and fix the bug that was introduced with Gene. They’re planning to fix it before the weekend and also mentioned that the will automatically compensate the players that were affected by the bug.

Gene is not in the boxes!

The most important thing you should know is that if you are planning to open boxes to unlock Gene, it is not possible yet. Gene is disabled from the game, and until Brawl Sars enables it, nobody will find it in boxes.

This is why the team stated that they will compensate players that opened boxes not knowing that Gene will not drop at all.

In a few comments on Reddit, both Supercell’s Ryan and the Brawl Stars Support account noted the following facts:

You will not be able to unlock Gene from any sources while he is disabled. I want to correct this erroneous response from our Support team, and sorry to everyone for this inconvenience!

Ryan said that they also hope to make the Luanr offer available for an extended period of time:

We hope to! It depends how quickly we can get Gene fixed.

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