Brawl Stars Apk v15.157 Brings Gameplay Changes, New Event, Skins and More

If you were wondering which is the latest version of the Brawl Stars apk file to download and what it brings, you came to the right place.

The Brawl Stars team has been working a lot on improving gameplay and adding new content to the game to please the players. In their latest announcement, they talked about gameplay and matchmaking.

Previously, we saw many of the buffs and nerfs added to the game and got a sneak peek of the new Mythic Brawler, Gene – but we’ll talk about him more at the end of this article.

Brawl Stars Apk v15.157 Content

This apk file will bring the game to the latest version – 15.157. It contains all the changes listed below and mentioned in the Brawl Stars blog post:

  •     Hide Nita, Frank and Mortis star power projectiles from the enemy team (to not reveal where the brawler is)
  •     Fixed a bug that caused destroying of bone piles to sometimes destroy walls close to them
  •     Increased Respawn time in Brawl Ball from 5 to 7 seconds
  •     Tweaks to “Pool Party” Brawl Ball map

The latest optional update, as the team calls it, also brings some changes to matchmaking. From now on, players will be matched based on their total trophies, writes the team:

Playing in a game room uses the highest pool that a player has in the room (for example if a 450 Total Trophy player plays with a 2500 Total Trophy player they will play in the higher 2500 Total Trophy pool)

At over 150 trophies, players can have ‘Play Again’ enabled, and any trophy push exploit will now be prevented through a new mechanism, added the Brawl Stars team.

Other additions in Brawl Stars apk v15.157 are new brawler models, effects and voices, and new skins for Bull, Poco and Rico.

The apk file is about 80 MB, and it comes in three versions on APK Mirror.

As for Gene, he should appear soon and take up the role of support that will be great at engaging fights and dragging an enemy to his location.

Until he makes his appearance, players can enjoy the Lunar New Year which began on 31 January and brought along three new skins for Darryl, Brock, and Colt.

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