Brawl Stars ‘January Update Inbound’ – Check Out The New Brawler Gene!

A few days ago, the Brawl Stars team presented us a huge list with all the balance changed that will come with the January update. We covered everything players had to know about it here, and today we also found out that the dev team has added a lot more tweaks and new content for this massive update. Check out the new content and changes that should come live soon.

Right after the many essential additions we mentioned HERE, we will get to finally play with the new Brawler – Gene!

Here is what the Brawlstars Reddit page wrote for the players:

The Update is on the way! Much of this content will roll out over the next month, so stay tuned to find out when we deploy Gene, New Skins, and the Lunar Brawl event!

Let’s check them out!

New Brawler – Gene

    Gene is a versatile supporter who can engage enemies at any range!

Gene’s Super launches a magical hand from his lamp, dragging an enemy to his location!

He also has an attack called Smoke Blast which will shoot a ball of magical smoke from the lamp. If it doesn’t hit a target, it will spread the damage in a cone.

He has 3600 health, 1000 attack damage and 300 super damage. Once Gene reaches Power Level 9, he gets ‘Magic Puffs’ which will heal all friendly brawlers around him for 100 health per second.

New Skins and New Event

New Skins will also come soon for the following Brawlers:

Dumpling Darryl, Lion Dance Brock, Royal Agent Colt, Football Bull, Serenade Poco, Popcorn Rico.

And finally, we will get to experience the new event that should show up this next month: the Lunar New Year Brawl Event.

Get ready for awesome Brawling!

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