Brawl Stars January Update: New Brawler, Skins, Maps and More!

Brawl Stars January Update is on the way, but what did it bring from the massive update list we teased a few days ago? Back then, we talked about character balance and map balance. To our amazement, it brought more than we expected! We got new skins, a new VO, improvements, and a ton of maps for Bounty, Heist, and Brawl Ball!

Let’s check all the things you should encounter in Brawl Stars. There are also some other things we will see added in the next few weeks. Here is everything you need to know about the new Brawler Gene and the incoming event.

Character Models, Skins, Visual Effects

Let’s start with the shortest list here: new skins and character models for the following brawlers, as stated by the release notes from the Brawl Stars blog post:

Colt, Darryl, Poco, Rico, and Spike (Pink Spike skin has been replaced by Sakura Spike).

The Brawl Stars team has also added new visual effects for these Brawlers and skins: Mortis, Bo, Brock.

Game Mode Changes

Apart from the balance changes we mentioned in the previous article, we spotted two more additions:

Safe health increased from 30000 to 36000 [in Heist]

Explosion and other things that destroy the environment don’t leave 1 tile gaps anymore (hard to move through them with the joystick) [in all mods]

Life Improvements, Economy Changes

The chat room, search club, shop, and some UI tweaks were added:

  • Chat – Game room chat is still visible when other people have left the room
  • Clubs – Search clubs while in a club “button” added
  • Shop improvements
  • Change your leaderboard location in Settings

As for the economy, Star Power gem now costs 233 instead of 266 and the limit for a Player’s token is now capped at 200 instead of 100.

Maps And Events

Last but not least, we get to see maps and event rotation tweaks. Here is what the release note looks for Bounty, Heist, Brawl Ball, Showdown and Gem Grab:

Bounty and Heist now share event slot 3

  • Added four new Bounty maps, kept three old Bounty maps
  • Added four new Heist maps, kept three old Heist maps
  • Tweaked the remaining old Heist maps to increase Brawler variety

Brawl Ball and “Showdown with event mods” now share event slot 4

  • Added one new and one previously removed Showdown map
  • Added one new Brawl Ball map
  • Showdown is now the only game mode with event modifiers
  • Removed Life Leech event modifier
  • Removed Gem Grab, Bounty and Heist maps that were rarely in rotation

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