Pokemon Go January Community Day: Niantic Offers Enthusiasts Massive Hint For 2019

Pokemon Go enthusiasts are getting some exciting news these days, just ahead of the winter holidays. They’ll have plenty to dream about while waiting for Santa this year.

Niantic, Pokemon Go’s developer, has just dropped some pretty essential hints regarding the future of Community Day events.

Thanking fans for their support 

Just ahead of the January 2019 Community Day reveal, Niantic posted a brand new blog in which it was offering their gratitude to fans for all of their support.

“Wow, what an incredible year of Pokemon GO Community Day meet-ups around the world!” reads a Niantic post.

The post continues and says, “In the past twelve months, more than 100 million Trainers have come out to play during these special three-hour events. We’ve seen photos of thousands gathering to celebrate their love for Pokemon GO. We’ve been inspired by the countless smiles on the faces of those who caught their first Shiny Pokemon.”

Niantic hinted at extending the reach of Fest and Safari events.

Live events are the best

The same post goes on and explains that this time during last year, they have been faced with a tough challenge.

They said that Niantic believes that live events are the best way to experience their games, and they said that there is something that’s definitely very special about such events, meeting thousands of passionate players.

“Unfortunately, it’s just not possible to host a Pokemon GO Fest or Pokémon GO Safari Zone in every city around the world (it’s a work in progress!)” the post continued.

Regarding the January Community Day event, fans have been speculating about which Pocket Monster will become the very next headliner.

Express.co.uk says that Slakoth, Ralts, and Trapinch were previously hinted to appear in 2018, so expect to see one of them make an appearance soon. Maybe we’ll be seeing a Gen 4 Pokemon becoming the center stage.

Closing words

Anyway, considering all past events, it’s very possible that the January Community Day will be taking place on the weekend on January 12/13 or January 19/20. Don’t worry; we’ll keep you posted.

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