Oops, Samsung Did It Again: Uses Another DSLR Photo To Promote A Phone Camera

Remember when Samsung promoted its display while tweeting from an iPhone?

Well, now the company did something similar, bit a bit worse, according to our opinion.

Pretending it’s their photo

Manufacturers still haven’t stopped using DSLR photos to fake phone camera shots.

For instance, photographer Dunjia Djudjic discovered that Samsung Malaysia bought one of her DSLR self-portraits via Getty and used a massively edited version of it in order to advertise the portrait mode on the Galaxy A8 Star, according to the latest reports coming from Engadget.

The image use is definitely legal, but Samsung’s marketing would imply that this is a real photo taken with their phone. More than that, it doesn’t even reflect the original pic.

Not the first incident 

This is not even the first deceptive use of DSLR photos that they had this year.

In addition to the Huawei incident, Samsung Brazil was caught passing off two stock pics as Galaxy A8 selfies, and the company went that far as toad watermarks which as you all know would involve that they are the company’s photos and they own them.

Engadget says that they asked Samsung for a comment but the tech giant hasn’t get back to them by now.

There are a lot of phones that include portrait modes and the gap between their pics, and the ones which are made with a DSLR narrowed a lot.

The gap is still there obviously, and the customers might not even realize that a phone is not able to perform as well as the companies claim. If we were to live in an ideal world, phone manufacturers should just use samples from their phones and kill all doubts.

As we said that the beginning of our article, Samsung tweeted a promotion for their Galaxy Note 9 but…via Twitter for iPhone.

This happened when Samsung’s Nigerian Twitter account shared the tweet which was highlighting the Samsung Galaxy Note 9’s AMOLED display.

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