Microsoft’s Hostility Towards Chrome Ends: Replacing EdgeHTML With Chromium As The Default Rendering Engine For Windows 10 

It looks like Microsoft is making some really big changes. The tech giant is currently building its very own Chromium browser in order to replace the default on Windows 10.

Microsoft first introduced the Edge browser three years ago with the goal of replacing Internet Explorer and modernize the default browsing experience in such a way to compete with Chrome and other existing browsers.

It’s true that the new look and feel definitely paid off for Edge, but the browser engine (EdgeHTML) has been struggling a bit in order to be able to keep up with Chromium.

Now, Microsoft has finally decided that it’s time to give up and move the default Windows 10 browser to Chromium.

Working on a Chromium browser

The Verge just reported that Redmond would be announcing its plans for a Chromium browser sometime during this week.

This move highlight’s the tech giant’s efforts to improve web compatibility for Windows.

The first online publication that reported Microsoft’s plans was Windows Central.The Verge also reports that there’s been a growing frustration inside Microsoft regarding Edge’s web compatibility issues and both businesses and consumers have been pushing Redmond to improve things in this regard.

It seems that this is where Microsoft’s work with EdgeHTML will stop. Chrome is the most popular browser across all devices, and this is thanks to Android’s growing popularity and the rise of Chrome on both Macs and PCs.

The Verger believes that it’s safe to say that Chrome “has turned into the new IE6” and web developers have been favoring its rendering engine in order to optimize their websites.

Microsoft is moving on 

As a conclusion, Microsoft’s rendering engine has fallen behind, and the company decided that it’s time to admit it and move on.

Adopting Chromium as the default rendering engine for Windows 10 will end Microsoft’s hostile feelings towards Chrome.

As you probably know, the tech giant has been pushing tons of notifications to Windows 10 users in an attempt to convince them not to use Chrome. Microsoft even pulled Google Chrome’s installer form the Windows Store.

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