Samsung Galaxy S10: Possible Specs and Features

As the release date is rapidly approaching the rumor mill is hard at work when it comes to the Samsung Galaxy S10.

Samsung didn’t make any official announcements about the device and it is likely to keep the trend until it will be unveiled in January 2019. As the devices marks the tenth anniversary of the Galaxy line fans and analysts anticipate that the new terminal will offer a variety of new and useful features.

5G connectivity

One of the most demanded and anticipated features is the new 5G mobile data standard. It is rumored that Samsung may opt to include the 5G module developed by Qualcomm which was revealed earlier this year in February. Tests show that 5G will offer lightning-fast mobile data access but it is estimated that the first networks will be launched in 2020.

Several size choices

Some sources claim that Samsung will offer three different version of the device. The first and most common is a standard version that will be a bit bigger than the S9. A larger model should be on par with the S9 Plus. Last but not least is a smaller budget option similar to the old Galaxy Mini. This model may cheaper but it is rumored that the fingerprint sensor and headphone jack will be removed in order to keep the cost low. It is also thought that 5G will be only available on the bigger version.

Smile for the camera

While the Samsung A9 sports four cameras on the rear a recent leak suggests that only three cameras will be present on the back of the S10. Selfie lovers will be able to use two front cameras on order to score the perfect Instagram photos.

Advanced fingerprint sensor

Samsung may also opt to use a high-performance ultrasonic in-screen fingerprint sensor for their flagship device in order to keep the device secured.

Killer specs

The latest rumors claim that the larger version will offer up to 12GB RAM and 1 terabyte of built-in storage space. While the numbers may be a bit bloated such specs will demand a hefty price tag.

It remains to be seen how many of the features will materialize when the smartphone will be officially announced in January.

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