The Samsung Galaxy S10 may not be the First Device without Bezels

Apple created a trend in 2018 when the world saw the notch on the iPhone X. Rival companies rushed to imitate the designs with varying grades of success. Some may claim that Sharp and Essential made the design popular put that doesn’t really rise to reality.

Samsung went against the trend this time and didn’t copy the notch despite the fact that it is really convenient when it comes to the position of the front camera and several sensors.

As Samsung prepares to launch the S10 fans look forward to an innovative design that will change the industry. It seems that the change may come faster both from other models sold by Samsung and devices launched by the competition.

In a statement released a few months ago Samsung noted that future innovation will premiere on mid-range devices and a (perfected) version be will introduced on the flagship version at a later point in time.

When the company released the first teaser for the new A8 model a redesigned screen was shown, featuring a hole on the top where the camera and sensor array are supposed to fit. The new screen is called Infinity and it seems that several variants will become available.

It is thought the Infinity –O may be used for the S10 as it is the same version that Samsung will use in the Galaxy A8 and a selection of future device. A leaked render of a screen protector for the A8 shows a small hole on the left side of the device, further reinforcing the claim that the Korean giant will continue to avoid the notch.

Another image of a screen protector for an unannounced Huawei terminal infers that the Chinese company may be the first manufacturer to release a device that doesn’t have bezels. Huawei strives to highlight the fact that it is also working on a flexible smartphone that may outperform Samsung’s offering.

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