Clash Royale League – Nova Esports Team from China becomes the World’s First Champion

The Clash Royale League tournament started this Saturday in Tokyo, Japan. After a battle which lasted for about 8 hours, Nova Esports from China became the first team in the world to have won a Clash Royale championship. The team members managed to reach 60 pound Golden Crown Trophy and even if the journey was long and tiring, they are ready to compete again whenever they have the chance.

Clash Royale League is an event which gave the best players the opportunity to compete in an exciting tournament

During the Clash Royale League participants had to go through four stages. Also, they had to get contracts from legacy organizations like Tribe Gaming, Team Solomid, Team Queso and Team Liquid. The competition gathered representatives from 8 organizations.

After 9 weeks of intense playing, the best competitors had the chance to represent their countries in the World Championship. The finalists participated in three sets: 1v1, 2v2 and King of the Hill. Two of the teams – Immortals and PONOS Sports experienced some technical difficulties which made them face off first.

After the inconvenience was fixed, the competitors had a smooth path until the end. PONOS managed to eliminate the North American Immortals during the 5th game of King of the Hill. The second match was held between King-Zone Dragon X and Team Queso. The first team managed to eliminate Queso in the 5th game of King of the Hill.

X-Bow Master and Soking had one of the best games from the tournament. The winner was X-Bow Master and Soking declared that they couldn’t apply all the strategy they had in mind. The next battle was between PONOS Sports and Vivo Keyd, but the odds were in favour of Vivo Keyd.

Nova Esports got to the final after defeating King-Zone Dragon X. In the last act of the competition, Nova Esports faced Vivo Keyd. Again, the winner was decided during the King of the Hill and this time Nova Esports were the absolute heroes. The new world champions said that a lot of practice brought them the victory.

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