Telegram X – New Emoji And Helpful Features

Telegram used competition with other messengers as fuel to the innovating fire. Years were passing, and the company observed that its competitors were turning things down a notch.

That’s how Telegram X emerged, as a way to start an internal competition which resulted in two parallel sets of clients and a battle for dominion.

What is Telegram X?

This project features an app written from scratch, coming from a brand new code base without sharing anything with older apps. The goal of Telegram X is to reinvent the franchise and reach for new targets: quality of animation, convenience, and speed, among others.

Telegram X is an experimental app that may or may not take the place of the existing ones. Even if they don’t manage that, Telegram X will fire up the development of Telegram, providing an exquisite way of testing new tech and ideas.

Telegram X – Android

What began as a contest for Android devs launched by Telegram two years ago led to the birth of X. Telegram X came with a sleeker redesign, more speed, and more battery-efficiency. Another neat feature is that it supports a bubble-free mode for chats, allowing for more breathing space for photos and texts.

Tap and hold to preview something without opening it anywhere, from sharing and forwarding menus to Groups in Common and the Calls tab. Swiping actions are another benefit, allowing you to switch between Calls and Chats or to open the forwarding menu for a message with just a swipe.

Features – old and new

Among its helpful features, we mention a reimagined attachment menu and music player, an optimized profile page that gives you quick access to shared media and more. Telegram X comes with new emojis to spark up the convo and is now available in plenty of countries, with more to come.

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