Top 5 Best Free and Paid Sudoku Games for Android

Playing Sudoku is one of the best ways of getting your mind stimulated. The numbers puzzle is a game of logic invented in Japan in 1979, and it has its roots in an early mathematical analysis concept from 1782.

According to recent scientific research, games like Sudoku and Crosswords could help the human brain remain even ten years younger. There are many apps out there that you can use for playing Sudoku, and we’ll gladly mention some of them below. You’ll find each of them easily by searching their names via Google Play Store.

Free Sudoku games for Android

  1. Best Sudoku

This app offers a unique gameplay that shows a progress map with deserts, valleys, glaciers, and more. There are thousands of levels here, so you won’t get bored.

  1. Super Sudoku

Equipped with an intuitive interface, Super Sudoku even allows the user to choose a preferred theme. You can even use the folder filter feature to choose what and what not to display. Super Sudoku contains in-app purchases.

  1. OkayCode Sudoku Solver

If you’re stuck on a sudoku puzzle from a magazine or newspaper, you can trust OkayCode Sudoku Solver to give you the solution instantly. You’ll just have to type in the digits.

  1. Sudoku

This version will grant the player thousands of free puzzle numbers to explore and install. You’ll get classic Sudoku for beginners and also for advanced players.

  1. Microsoft Sudoku

Microsoft Sudoku allows the player to enjoy puzzles with six difficulty levels to choose from. Microsoft Sudoku presents itself as being clean, elegant, and intellectually stimulating.

Paid Sudoku Games for Android

  1. Sudoku PRO

At only about $1.82, this Sudoku version is one of the best. There aren’t any ads involved, either.

  1. Enjoy Sudoku

With only $2.99, Enjoy Sudoku gives you the chance to play the legendary mind game through 16 levels. Enjoy Sudoku is supported on both smartphones and tablets.

  1. Sudoku Scramble

Although this Sudoku version is free, it has plenty of in-app purchases. We’re talking about a unique twist on the classic Sudoku game, where two users can play together on the same puzzle. Just get rid of your numbers first, and you’ve won!

  1. Sudoku Premium

This game costs only $1.99, but it’s surely worth the money. Sudoku Premium brings four difficulty levels, an intuitive interface, and a lot of useful features. Even if you get interrupted and exit the app, your puzzle automatically gets saved.

  1. Sudoku+

This Sudoku version gives you access to a user-friendly game and to the world’s most complete and friendly mobile Sudoku learning system.

You must remember that many of the Sudoku games that are usually free also contain in-app purchases. However, you’ll still get to enjoy the beauty of the classic Sudoku challenges and an extra flavor of the enhancements.

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