7 Best Free Board Games Apps for Android

Fortunately, the Google Play store is a great source of games of all kinds. As of the third quarter of last year, there were about 427,000 Android gaming apps in the online store. We can also find board games in Google Play, and we’re glad to mention seven of them here.

The order from our list is purely random, and we’re proud to present board games apps that will put the player’s mind to work a lot. You can find all the games listed here with a simple search via the Google Play Store with your Android phone.


One great thing about Monopoly is that you can play against more than one opponent at once. It’s kind of a battle royale game, where the last player standing wins the game. Each player has to start by choosing a token and place it on ‘Go,’ and he’ll be provided with $1500. One player will play the Banker’s role.


We all like to consider ourselves good with words, and Scrabble gives us the chance to prove it. Furthermore, we can compete with others through this game and prove that we can arrange those words in the right way. Wrong moves could grant opportunities for your opponent to exploit premium areas. Similar to Scrabble, there is Words with Friends game you may also like. You can also use a WWF Cheat or a Scrabble Cheat to win the game with ease.

7 Wonders

If you’re into history, this game is for you. The players of 7 Wonders will have to use three decks of cards that feature depictions of ancient military conflicts, civilizations, and commercial activity.


Tokaido is an amazing board game that has sold over a quarter of a million copies worldwide, and it has been translated into 14 languages. In Tokaido, the player is a traveler who aims to discover landscapes, foods, find souvenirs, see temples, and more.


Chess is one of the most complicated and strategic mind games ever created, and scientific studies show that playing this game can help you keep a healthy mind. Each of the two players facing each other in a game of chess has an entire army at his disposal, and the goal is to use every way of taking your opponent’s king.


Some people believe that those who cannot learn chess should try backgammon. That’s not necessarily the case for everyone. Although chess involves a lot more strategy, backgammon has its own particularities. To win at the latter, you also need some luck so those dices will roll in your favor.

D&D Lords of Waterdeep

In D&D Lords of Waterdeep, the player will enter the role of one of the masked Lords of the City of Splendor. He’ll have to recruit adventurers via the agents and quest on spreading influence. D&D Lords of Waterdeep is also an award-winning strategy board game.

We would be delighted to know about your own personal favorites when it comes to board games apps for Android devices!

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