GBWhatsApp Update To Bring An Anti-Ban Feature

Since the news of GBWhatsApp users getting banned broke out, the community freaked out. As you all know by now, this app is a modded WhatsApp client that’s available for Android and has a vast users base of millions of daily active users.

It was reported that just last month, a lot of the app’s users and more modded WhatsApp users have started to report that they are getting banned for Validation of WhatsApp’s official terms.

The Leaker noted that it seemed that only a few users have been affected at the beginning, but then more and more popped up.

Users have been freaking out 

This led to the fact that some users have uninstalled the app, and others are afraid of getting banned.

The online magazine mentioned above noted that the May update did not do anything about this issue, but now, it seems that htere’s some good news on the horizon.

“The developer team behind GB Whatsapp will be soon releasing an update for the GB Whatsapp app for Android. The latest GBWhatsapp version 6.90 will come with some sort of an Anti-Ban feature which will prevent all GBWhatsapp users from getting banned,” The Leaker wrote.

Anti-ban feature included in the next update 

The online publication also says that they do not know how this is possible, but it seems that the dev team has been working all day long to find a solution to this stringent issue.

It seems that the anti-ban feature is scheduled for rollout in a few weeks from now.

It was reported that the developers are still perfecting it, and the feature is now in the testing phase.

Until the feature is released in the new update, you could switch to a different app. We recently posted an article featuring some of the best GBWhatsApp alternatives.

Stay tuned to find out more about the next update for GBWhatsApp.

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