Best GBWhatsApp Alternatives In 2019

With more than 1.5 billion active users, WhatsApp is, without a doubt, the most popular messaging service in the world. The app is quite popular, but it lacks some features that could make it even greater. For a long time, GB WhatsApp was a great alternative to the original app, offering a large selection of features which made it great without diluting the core experience.

However, a large number of users reported that they were banned, and it may be time to switch to a different app. Here are some of the best GBWhatsApp alternatives.

Best GBWhatsApp Alternatives


YoWhatsApp is one of the most popular modded versions of WhatsApp. By using it, users will gain access to a robust package of features, including themes, sending messages to a large number of people at the same time, removing the blue ticks and many other advantages that aren’t available in the original app.

WhatsApp Plus

As the name may infer, this is another modded app. Besides the popular features granted by this type of app, WhatsApp+ includes a solid anti-ban feature which sets it apart in comparison to most of its brethren. Over one million people use this app, and it seems that it is quite reliable.


This is of the less known versions of WhatsApp, but it favored by some people. The app includes some additional features, and a dedicated developer team releases a constant team of updates which make it even better.


In recent years, Telegram has started to become more popular as the number of users continues to increase. Many people praise the app because the developers place a large focus on privacy, and military-grade encryption is offered. And, the best part of Telegram is that it is an official app, not as WhatsApp mode, so it’s one of the best GBWhatsApp alternatives out there.

The app uses a reliable system which facilitates data transfer. This means that your messages will reach their destination almost instantly. Telegram is available for free, and it doesn’t show ads.

These are some of the best GBWhatsApp alternatives. Those who won’t miss the extra features can always opt for the default app.

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