Boost Your Gmail Experience With These Five Features

Gmail is the best hub for managing your business, and for some, it may even be the tab they’re spending the most time on. Gmail can become even more potent than it already is and it can allow you to boost productivity – all you need to know are a few tips.

Here are five features that you can make use of in order to boost Gmail’s effectiveness.

Scheduled send

There are a few emails that you may need to send out on a weekly or monthly basis. It’s much easier to batch all these and send them at a later time. Gmail has a useful scheduling feature that allows you to do this.

In order to use it, just hit the up arrow next to Send in an email and you will see your options.


No one loves a cluttered inbox, and it’s useful to learn that Snooze makes it much easier to prioritize emails.

Let’s say that you don’t have enough info needed to answer a mail; you can use Snooze until you are able to do it. This will take it out of the inbox until the snooze/date time. So, start snoozing emails that you want to postpone dealing with.

Canned responses 

These can be used as templates for emails that you are sending frequently.

Smart Compose

This one’s a pretty controversial feature because as you type, it suggests the end of your sentence. It can autocomplete it and even if some users hate this, you might find it useful.

Two-Factor Authentication 

This feature will help you keep your account as safe as possible, and that’s why we suggest using it. You can use an app-based authenticator, but it’s essential to know that a physical security key is more secure and faster as well.

Check out these features because they’ll definitely boost your Gmail experience.

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