Gmail Update: Here’s How To See What Google Knows About Your Purchases, Web Activity And More

Gmail inbox turns out to be a spy, according to the latest reports. It seems that Google has been keeping tabs on what we’re buying online via Gmail inbox.

The tech giant stores info in a Google Account page that no one knew about so far reports CNBC.

This tracking of purchases process has reportedly been going on for years before it was discovered.

What this does is creating a list of your online shopping history that is able to go back five years ago.

According to Google, they’re doing this in order to help users keep track of everything that they have purchased by storing the info in a single place.

But, this can also be seen as an invasion of privacy. On the other hand, Google promissed that the only one who sees this data is the user and no one else.

How to see your purchases, subscriptions, and reservations 

CNBC shows users how they can see all this data just to know what Google itself knows.

  • In order to view and manage purchases, payments, reservations, subscription services, and more, start by navigating to
  • Now, you have to select Payments & Subscriptions.
  • Now, you can check into each one of the groupings.
  • Click into each item and tap “Remove reservation,” “Remover purchase,” and so on in order to delete anything that you wouldn’t want to be stored in your Gmail account.

You can head over to CNBC’s original article because there you can check all the necessary steps for managing your web and app activity, viewing your voice and audio activity, location history, and more details.

Even though Google promises that you’re the only one seeing this data, it’s still essential that you have access to all of this and also have the ability to manage such options.

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