The Latest Gmail Update Brings A Bunch Of New Right-Click Options For Enhanced Workflow

Gmail became the most popular email service for quite a while now, and this is not without strong reasons. A lot of people are using the service these days, and Google makes sure to provide new stuff regularly.

Google reveals a new update 

Gmail is always improving its services via regular streams of updates. A new update just landed, and it was announced officially yesterday by Google.

The latest update brings some pretty exciting new functionalities that will allow Gmail users to sort their emails and more efficiently.

The update is packed with new features, but still, the service does’[t quite do that much for users who use the right click a lot.

If you’ve ever right clicked on an email, then you’ll know that the options that pop up are the following: archive, mark as unread and delete the message.

That’s about it. Better said, that used to be about it because the latest Google update makes sure to change this.

More right-click options are available

Gmail users should know that from now on there are twelve new options that are going to pop up in a drop menu once you right click on an email.

Here are the newly available options: reply, reply all, forward, archive, delete, mark as unread, snooze, move to, label as, mute, find emails form same sender, and open in new window.

More than that, if the conversation view is disabled, then users will be able to search for emails that feature the same subject.

Gmail enhances workflow

These twelve new options might not be something mindblowing added to the service, but it’s something that will definitely improve the overall workflow.

This will be especially handy for people having to deal with hundreds of emails on a daily basis. It’s also important to mention that all these options can be accessed via keyboard shortcuts as well.

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