Brawl Stars Epic Brawler Bibi Has Arrived Today [update to v.18.104]

Every Brawl Stars player was waiting to finally get their hands on the new Epic Brawler Bibi. This super dangerous girl had won everyone hearts right from the beginning when she was revealed in last week’s Brawl Talk.

Bibi was introduced into the game with the Retropolis theme, in the latest Brawl Stars update [v.18.104 ]. Let’s check out her abilities and see what players had to say about her.

Brawl Stars – Epic Brawler Bibi

Bibi’s MAIN ATTACK is called Three Strikes – it has 3 swings and a Home Run bar that charges when the three swings are ready, knocking back enemies.

The SUPER ATTACK is Spitball – yep, she uses her bubble gum as a ball to hit enemies multiple times and deal a lot of damage

Her STAR POWER is Home Run – Bibi increases her movement speed when her Home Run bar is fully charged.

Did You Get Bibi?

A couple of hours ago, the Brawl Stars twitter posted the announcement that Bibi is now in game and players were happy to get her after opening only 10 boxes! Some weren’t that lucky, though. You can follow the complete thread here:

Want to learn more about Bibi and how to play her? Head over to Lex’s video on YouTube to see him play Bibi 1v1 against every Brawler and learn a few tricks!

What’s New in Brawl Stars?

The latest update brings a new environment called Retropolis, which adds new menu and in-game music, and a new background. We will also see new skins and new maps, the latter receiving some tweaks to match the Retropolis theme. The skins and the rest of the Retropolis event will show up soon, added the Brawl Stars blog post.

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