Brawl Stars Retropolis Is Here [Update to v. 18.104]

We talked yesterday about the incoming update in Brawl Stars that was expected to roll out his week, and the great news is that it just got released a few hours ago. However, because of some server issues, Club mail had to be disabled, but the good news is that Brawl Stars is online (after three hours of maintenance) and we get to see all the new stuff that Retropolis brought along:

Let’s check out the patch notes. The latest update in Brawl Stars (v. 18.104) brings Retropolis, a new Brawler, new maps, balance changes, and a lot of content.

Retropolis – Release Notes (May 21)

The New EPIC Brawler – BIBI

  • Main attack: Three Strikes

Bibi’s main attack knocks back enemies when her Home Run bar is charged.

The Home Run bar charges while having all 3 swings at the ready.

  • Super Attack: Spitball

Bibi bats a bouncing ball of bubble gum that deals damage and can hit the enemy multiple times

  • Star Power: Home Run

Bibi’s movement speed is increased while her Home Run bar is fully charged.

New Skins – Coming Soon

The new skins that were teased in last weekend’s Brawl Talk are: Hot Rod Brock, Bake Sale Barley, Road Rage Carl, and Maple Barley. They will not go live today though, added the Brawl Stars team in their blog post.

New Event: Retropolis – Coming Soon

Retropolis will bring along new menu music, menu background, and in-Game Music. It will too show up later this patch.

Balance Changes – Rosa, Frank, and Carl

Rosa – Nerfed:

  • Decreased Super duration to 3.0 sec [from 4.0 sec]
  • Decreased Star power healing to 200 per sec [from 300 per sec]
  • Needs 10 hits to fully charge up Super [instead of 9]
  • Main attack effect has been tweaked to match the area where damage is dealt

Frank – Buffed:

  • His Super stuns the Siege base for the full duration [it’s back!]

Carl – Buffed:

  • While using Super, Carl can pre-aim his main attack
  • The Cooldown for the main attack is much shorter – he can use main attack for faster attacks when the Pickaxe returns after a wall hit

New Maps

Along with the Retropolis update, a lot of maps have been tweaked to match the theme. You’ll see the following maps in Gem Grab, Heist and Bounty look a bit different:

  • Gem Grab – Cell Division, Four Squared, Escape Velocity, Spring Trap, Double Swoosh
  • Heist – Rolling Rumble, Bridge Too Far
  • Bounty – Layer Cake, Dry Season

These maps were removed: Gem Grab – Bouncing Echo, Heist – Split Second, Corner Case

These maps have been added: Gem Grab – Cross Cut, Heist – Pit Stop, Side Story

Other Changes:

  • Rosa gets voice over
  • Leaders & co-leaders can now send in-game mail to Club members
  • Next week, Supercell ID 2.0 rolls out

The new update also comes with various bug fixes, which you can check out in the Brawl Stars blog post (linked above).

Check back here for more news, updates and tips on Supercell’s Brawl Stars, Clash of Clans and Clash Royale!

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