PlayStation 5 Will Be Immersive And Seamless, Says Sony

PlayStation enthusiasts are getting some really juicy news. Sony revealed that the next-gen PS5 will have immersive gameplay and a seamless PlayStation Now online performance due to the highly improved graphics performance and a revamped cloud system as well.

Engadget notes that during a corporate strategy presentation, it showed off the speed of the new console compared to the PS4, showing much faster loading (ten times faster to be precise, according to the online magazine) and faster speeds with complex scenes.

Microsoft partnership

You may recall that Sony has previously announced a partnership with Microsoft in order to enhance its PlayStation Now cloud infrastructure.

Last week, the online publication mentioned above said that Sony also unveiled the fact that the PS5 would come with a “third-generation, 8-core AMD Ryzen CPU built with 7-nanometer Zen 2 microarchitecture. That will be paired with a custom Radeon Navi GPU that supports ray-tracing.”

Enthusiasts are probably expecting that the PS5 has the ability to dramatically outperform the PS4 especially considering how much graphics and disk speeds had increased since back in 2013 when the PS4 came out.

A flawless gaming experience 

Anyway, at the moment, Sony seems to be working hard to show just how all this new tech will be making the gaming experience close to flawless.

How? Well, by minimizing load times, cloud issues, and glitchy playback. All of these can affect the team and online gameplay.

Sony has big plans with its PS5, and the only scary thing will probably be the price.

Backwards compatibility program

Back in April, we reported that Sony is launching a Backwards Compatibility Program just like the one that Microsoft’s Xbox is currently offering.

This means that PS5 users will be able to play their PS4 favorite games on the new console as well, which is pretty great, we have to admit.

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