Sony Confirmed PS4 To PS5 Backwards Compatibility Program – SSD Will Boost Games

Until recently, Sony has not revealed too much so far about the much-awaited PS5 console.

We reported earlier that we don’t have to wait and guess too much anymore because Sony’s Mark Cerny just had an interview with Wired, and he finally confirmed that the PS5 is coming our way in 2020.

He also spilled the tea on some pretty exciting info regaring the console’s hardware specs.

It seems that Sony decided that this was not enough info to make fans excited and the tech giant revealed that PS5 would support PS4 games.

In other words, Sony is finally launching a Backwards Compatibility Program just like the one that Microsoft’s Xbox is currently offering.

Backwards compatibility program

This brand new PlayStation Backwards Compatilbity program will be working in a similar way to the one that rival Xbox does.

This means that PS5 users will be able to play their PS4 favorite games on the new console as well, which is pretty great, we have to admit.

It’s not guaranteed at the moment whether the program will also include PS2 and PS3 titles, but of course, fans hope that it will.

Mark Cerny reported that app the PS4 games that will be played on the PS5 would not only look better, but they’ll work better as well.

SSD to enhance games

Mark Cerny also said that PS5 would come with SSD in order to boost performances of loading screens in games.

So, the support for SSD will make sure that this console will be one for the future without a doubt.

Mark Cerny has proven how the implementation of SSD can cut down the time that loading screens take from 15 seconds to 0.8 seconds.

Therefore, PS4 games will run much faster on the upcoming PS5. Now, fans definitely have a ton of reasons to wait for the PS5.

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