Top 5 Best Offline Android GPS and Navigation Apps

There are numerous Android GPS and navigation apps accessible in the Play Store, but not all maps are designed even. We created a short list of the best apps which work both online and offline, so you don’t need to concern yourself with having a consistent data connection.

Top 5 Best Offline Android GPS and Navigation Apps

Google Maps

The innate Google Maps comes with such a great lineup of features that many people don’t even seek for more. The app offers almost everything: turn-by-turn directions, detailed road data, live traffic updates, more than one view options, and so on.

If you want to use the app offline, you have to download the region maps you are heading towards. Google Maps can download multiple regions to your device, and also allows you to keep the maps on your SD card. The app also offers other options besides driving such as cycling, walking, and public transportation.


Waze offers offline support as well, but it does not allow any built-in map downloading. However, you can still utilize Waze without a data connection – here’s how:

  • ​Open the app and tap on the ‘Search’ icon
  • Click on ‘Settings’
  • Go to ‘Advanced Settings’
  • Ensure ‘Download traffic info’ is selected

When you now search for an area or a route, you can store the road information in the app’s cache memory, and it will function offline.

Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps

Sygic is somewhere up in the top most popular offline navigation applications. The app comes with high-definition maps for the majority of the world’s countries, and it is updated systematically.

You can download the app for free, and it has a seven-day trial, but you’ll have to pay to use it after that. Either pay for traffic updates and premium features or ​only for the features.

CoPilot GPS

This navigation app is for drivers only, and it also has a seven-day trial. After seven days, you’ll need to purchase the Premium subscription to have access to all it has to give.

The app can still be used offline and offers free turn-by-turn navigation, but you’ll only be provided 2D variants of the maps, and also missing a couple of primary options. ​

TomTom GO

TomTom offers up-to-date navigation with skills to take people from an area to another through numerous route options. The app is free up until 50 miles of use with all the features, and traffic data. If you want to get unlimited span for a year, you’ll have to pay $19.99 and for a three-year subscription, $44.99.

The app comes with voice guidance, live traffic updates, offline navigation, and full 3D building design, also, with maps being accessible for more than 100 countries.

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