Samsung Is Bringing a Surprise Upgrade to Galaxy Note 10

Samsung has some plans with its Galaxy Note 10 and had started to redesign the device with some top technologies. One of the first changes that Samsung is doing to its device is to replace the 25 W fast charging. From insider Ice Universe we know that Samsung plans to add a more powerful charger than the 25 W to the Galaxy Note 10.

Another trusted source has been saying that the expectation regarding Samsung is big. And it’s logical to think bigger in terms of technologies, so maybe Samsung will surprise us all when the charging specs are released. On the other hand, looking at insider Ice Universe, an interesting picture was added with Samsung’s device.

Samsung Is Bringing a Surprise Upgrade to Galaxy Note 10

They have released a photo of Superman’s S logo in a post update, and you may think that this image could tease the 50 W charging. The Samsung Galaxy S 10, for example, features a 15 W charger now, but it can go up to 50 W by using the Oppo SuperVOOC charger. Also, this charger makes wonders with Find X Lamborghini starting from 0% to 100 % charged in 35 minutes.

However, Ice Universe is saying that Samsung has a battery capacity and a charging speed way too low for its devices. So the company must resolve this weakness and obtain an advantage against the competition that has set the 50 W charging on their phones. If Samsung is doing all it can to exceed the other competitors, then the new Galaxy Note 10 will be the cherry on top.

Finally, we know from the featured specs that Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will outrun the Samsung Galaxy S10 with its better camera and Verizon, or the 5G network. The missing piece of this flagship is only the fast charging, and then the smartphone will be a hit!

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