Best Android MMORPG Games In 2019

As smartphones have become more powerful, mobile gamers have to play a large number of games that offer an excellent experience. MMORPGs are a nice blend of storytelling and co-operation, and millions of Android gamers enjoy this genre every day. Below you can find some of the most popular Android MMORPG games that are currently offered on the Google Play Store.

Best Android MMORPG Games In 2019

Arcane Legends

Arcane Legends is one of the most popular MMORPG titles. The game features a beautiful 3D world, three classes, excellent combat mechanics and a selection of useful systems, including the ability to own and decorate your own house. A high number of quests is provided, and you and your friends will have the chance to travel through various biomes, among which we can count castles, dungeons, and forests.

Dungeon Hunter 5

The fifth entry in the acclaimed Dungeon Hunter series is packed with features. Join millions of players and battle the forces of evil. Your champion wields a selection of devastating powers which can turn the tide during a battle, and there is always something to do. A robust co-op mode allows up to four players to battle menacing foes as they strive to gain glory and loot.

Order & Chaos 2

It’s been a while since this game was released, but many consider it to be one of the best MMORPGs for smartphone devices. Players have the option to choose between five diverse races and classes, and there is something for everyone. A robust customization system allows players to craft impressive gear. Hundreds of quests can be completed alone or with friends, and giant bosses will pose a challenge worthy of a hero.

AdventureQuest 3D

AdventureQuest 3D is a great choice for those that like to switch seamlessly between platforms. The game is playable across Android, Windows, Mac, and iOS. The game offers a beautiful world filled with quests, rewards, and challenges that will keep you occupied for a long while. A great advantage comes from the fact that only cosmetics are available for real money, which means that everyone enjoys the same experience.

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